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SETTLE-IT App accept bets amongst your friends - challenge your friends
Meet settle-it!

A brand new social sports betting app

Bet against your friends rather than against a bookie!

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SETTLE-IT App create a bet with Odds against friends - challenge friends
Simple & SOCIAL

We believe it's time to change the way we bet

Are you tired of betting against bookies?
or only ever bet against your friends?
Then look no further....

Bet against your friends directly

SETTLE-IT allows friends to challenge each other to bets directly on a wide variety of sporting fixtures, including Football, Rugby Union, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby League and American Football.

Bringing the fun back to betting

SETTLE-IT aims to bring the fun back to setting different opinions amongst friends. Using SETTLE-IT friends can now challenge each other to a "SETTLE-IT" rather than having to go through the incumbent betting channels with odds stacked against the end-user.

You dictate the terms

SETTLE-IT is an innovative new product that allows you to choose the event, the stake, the odds and crucially the opponents for a more fulfilling betting experience.

Total Transparency

Bookmakers and betting exchanges are all anonymous. Not much fun if you dont know who you are betting against. They have taken out the fun of betting and most of the time you are betting against a robot who has much more information at their disposal than most. Our App is all about breaking down those barriers and making it so much more transparent

Here are just some of our features

We are constantly improving and adding new features, so please keep checking back for more!
Social betting

Challenge your friends

No bookies involved. Just you and your friends being able to have a good old fashioned bet on things! Choose from many different sporting events.

SETTLE-IT app showing how you can challenge your friends to a bet within the app
engage more

In-built chat functionality

Our chat functionality will offer you more of an engaged betting experience by being able to discuss the events you have SETTLE-IT's on. Either call them out, ask to change the odds or just gloat!

SETTLE-IT Features - In app messages
offer your own odds

Be your own bookie

No more bookies dictating the odds. You can bet against your friends and offer your own odds to get them more involved or to show how strongly you feel about any given SETTLE-IT.

SETTLE-IT app showing how to set odds on a bet amongst friends
SETTLE-IT App changing the way we bet