Last update - March 2021


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Any reference to “You” or “Your” is reference to any person using the App.

By logging into and using this App, You agree to accept and be bound by (i) Our terms and conditions; (ii) Our privacy policy; (iii) Our Betting Rules; (iv) the terms on our Responsible Gambling Page and (v) any terms specific to a promotion (together the “Terms”), and are deemed to have accepted and understood the Terms.

If You do not agree to the Terms, We will not license the App to You and You must go no further with the installation of the App and you must cease using the App in any manner.

This App is only available to residents in Great Britain. If you are not a resident in Great Britain you are not permitted to use the App.  


SETTLE-IT – the terms of a bet

My SETTLE-ITs – Your default home screen that shows the following types of SETTLE-ITs:
Pending – Any SETTLE-IT that you have sent to an opponent or received from an opponent and have not accepted or declined
Accepted - Any SETTLE-IT that you have sent to an opponent or received from an opponent and have accepted
Settled – Any SETTLE-IT that has concluded and has been settled. All monies have been distributed to the appropriate party.

Event – a sporting event that is listed within the App

Suggested Events – a curated list of events containing the teams that you and your fellow SETTLE-IT users have selected as your interests.

Create SETTLE-IT – creating a bet between you and your opponent

Cancel SETTLE-IT – your ability to cancel a SETTLE-IT before you send it to an opponent

Decline SETTLE-IT – when an opponent sends you a SETTLE-IT you can decline to take up that SETTLE-IT

Void SETTLE-IT – The ability to cancel a SETTLE-IT that has already been accepted. You only have one chance of doing this and your opponent doesn’t have to accept your request to cancel this SETTLE-IT.

SETTLE-IT Users – any contact in your phone that has downloaded and registered on the SETTLE-IT App

SETTLE-IT Locked – At the scheduled start time of your event, any SETTLE-ITs on this event will become locked and you cannot do anything with the SETTLE-IT once it locks until it becomes settled.

Potential Win – The Gross amount that you will win if your SETTLE-IT wins.

Potential Loss – The Gross amount that you will lose if your SETTLE-IT loses.

Wallet – Your account in the SETTLE-IT App. In your wallet you can deposit and withdraw your funds as well as see your current balance.

Player Protection Limits – we offer a range of limits to help our users manage their gambling habits. We offer Time outs, Deposit Limits, loss Limits or you can Self-Exclude.

Net Deposit Summary – This is a summary of your running total of all deposits minus the sum of all withdrawals from inception.

Account History – A list of all transactions that have happened in your account, such as any wins, losses, withdrawals, deposits, commissions and withdrawal fees.

SETTLE-ITs in play – the amount of money that is currently tied up as your worse case scenario of all SETTLE-ITs you currently have accepted.

My Favourites – where you can select various teams or players to follow and the system can select suggested SETTLE-ITs for you based on what other users have selected in your social network.


We are a remote betting intermediary that operates a peer to peer betting exchange that allows Our users to create SETTLE-ITs amongst their social networks.

Unlike most traditional peer-to-peer betting exchanges, the opposite side of each bet is not anonymous and can only be someone whom you know.

You can only create SETTLE-ITs with users whom have already downloaded the App.

We offer an easy way to invite users who may not already be a user of SETTLE-IT which you will find in the app under your contacts.

A user creates a SETTLE-IT by first choosing an event – they do this by clicking on the “+” create SETTLE-IT button.

Once the event has been chosen the User who is creating the SETTLE-IT needs to select the Team/Player they want to win.

Once the User has selected the team/player they want to win they then select an opponent or multiple opponents to SETTLE-IT against. The opponent will always be betting on the opposite team/player that the creator has chosen. If the final result is a Draw, then the Stakes will be refunded to each player and it will be shown as “No Winner” in your Settled SETTLE-ITs screen.

A User can choose to SETTLE-IT/bet on a draw. In this case the opponent is accepting a SETTLE-IT/bet that either team will win.

Once the opponent has been selected, the User moves onto a screen that allows the User to select an amount to stake and whether or not to offer odds to the opponent.

The default setting is an even money bet, however the User can enable the odds field if they want to provide certain odds to an opponent. They can do this by clicking on the odds toggle.

The maximum odds that can be offered to an opponent is 100/1 (Fractional) or 101.00 (Decimal)

Once the stake and/or odds have been set the User then sends that SETTLE-IT to the opponent(s)

An opponent can then either accept or decline that SETTLE-IT and follow it as it moves through the various different states, Pending, Accepted and then finally onto Settled.

When the event start time occurs, the event will become “Locked” and you will not be able to do anything with this event until it settles.

A SETTLE-IT will become settled once we have received an official result from our 3rd party fixtures and results service.

Unless otherwise stated all SETTLE-ITs/bets will be settled on the final result after any extra time or penalties. The result is not based on 90 mins plus any injury/stoppage time.


If you have already created, sent and had your SETTLE-IT accepted by the other user. You may only request to void this SETTLE-IT once and once only. If the other user does not accept your void request, then the SETTLE-IT will stand and become settled once the event has finished.


If the event does not conclude within 36 hours of the scheduled start time, all SETTLE-ITs/Bets are voided.

If the event is cancelled, all SETTLE-ITs/Bets are voided.

If an event's start time is postponed more than 36 hours from the original scheduled time, all SETTLE-ITs/Bets are voided.

Change of Opponents
If there is a change in opponents for an event, all SETTLE-ITs/Bets are voided.

Change of Venue
If there is a change in venue, all SETTLE-ITs/Bets are voided.

Change of Surface
If there is a change in surface all SETTLE-ITs/Bets will stand.


No SETTLE-ITs/Bets can be created once the event has started.


Please be aware that data such as fixtures and results that are displayed within our App is sourced and provided by a third party and maybe subject to time delay and/or be inaccurate. If you rely on this data to place a SETTLE-IT/bet, you do so entirely at your own risk and SETTLEIT APP LIMITED accept no responsibility for any loss (direct or indirect) suffered by you as a result of your reliance on it.


If the first set of a match is not completed, all SETTLE-ITs/bets related to the match will be voided.
If a player or pairing fails to start a match, all SETTLE-ITs/bets on that player or pairing will be voided
If a player or pairing retires for any reason after the conclusion of the first set, the player or pairing progressing to the next round (or winning the tournament in the case of a final) will, for the purpose of any match SETTLE-ITs/bets, be deemed the winner.

All SETTLE-ITs/bets will be settled on the final result after any extra time or penalties. The result is NOT based on 90 mins plus any injury/stoppage time.

Rugby union
All SETTLE-ITs/bets will be settled on the final result after any extra time or sudden death time. The result is NOT based on 80 mins plus any injury/stoppage time.

A ball must be bowled for SETTLE-ITs/bets to be valid. If no ball has been bowled, outstanding SETTLE-ITs/bets will be voided.
When a match is curtailed by the weather, bets will be settled according to the official result, including limited overs matches, whereby the result is determined by the Duckworth Lewis method.
If a limited overs match is declared as having “No Result”, all undetermined markets will be voided



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